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Why Am I Running?

I'm Anna. I was born and raised in Phoenix. I come from proud, working people who are problem solvers and who hustle everyday to provide for their families.

I’m a daughter. A daughter that had to grow up quickly and help my parents while they worked multiple jobs to provide a home for us. A daughter that lost my dad to COVID when he was forced to go back to work during the pandemic.

I’m a sister. A sister that raised my little brother. A sister that lost my little brother, and best friend, when he was killed by police in 2019.

I’m a tia. A tia that wants to see my nephews and nieces achieve more than what they think is possible.

I never wanted to run for office. But my family, like many of yours, has paid the cost of the intentional choices of career politicians who put their money and ego before people.

Because of their choices, AZ ranks 48th in education and 1st in incarceration, quality jobs aren’t in our neighborhoods, housing is unaffordable, and our communities are denied important resources.

We need to be represented by people that understand the impact of their decisions. I'm running because we deserve better and I’m committed to fighting for all of us.

  • Fully funded education for your children
  • Access to quality jobs
  • Affordable housing for all
  • Resources for mental health and substance use
  • Freedom from state violence

Join me and let’s build the life we deserve!


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